Hala Naoum Nehme chosen as NGO-representative at Geneva Constitutional Committee

The Syriac Hala Naoum Nehme accepted the invitation to participate in the drafting of the new constitution for Syria. The World Council of Arameans (Syriacs) delegated Nehme to the UN-led Constitutional Committee in Geneva. Hala Naoum Nehme grew up in Aleppo and Lebanon and moved to the Netherlands in 2001. Since 2017 she is a councillor for the Liberal Party (VVD) in the Amsterdam municipality council.

In the next couple of months 150 representatives of the Syrian government, the Syrian opposition, NGOs and civil society organisations will discuss and negotiate an amended or new constitution for the Syrian Arab Republic. The constitution will then be final drafted by 50 of them and then handed over to the Syrian negotiation body. Although under UN auspices (Security Council Resolution 2254), the Geneva Constitutional Committee is the outcome of the Astana joint peace efforts of Russia, Turkey and Iran.