Turkish-Backed Jihadists Target Syrian Christians Shouting “Kill the pigs, kill the infidels”


After the Turkish offensive in Northern Syria launched by Erdogan in October 2019, Syria’s Christian communities have been living in fear of becoming the victims of ethnic cleansing.

The Telegraph reported that on social media, there have been posts showing Syrian rebel fighters shouting “kill the pigs, kill the infidels” as they looked for the homes of Kurds who fled after Turkey’s military captured the key border town of Ras al-Ayn.

The online posts showed a man, in camouflage gear, spray-painting graffiti on doors to show fellow Syrian rebel fighters which homes belong to Christians, Kurds and Muslim Arabs. The fighter boasted that he would scorch a Kurd’s house, burgle a Christian’s property – but treat any Muslim Arab’s home with respect, and leave it.

These and similar threats have been shared online by those fighting for the Free Syrian Army, backed by Turkey.