MFS Martyrs Commemorated in Brussels

European Syriac Union Belgium Office commemorated Syriac Military Council martyrs in an event with the presence of political and religious figures.

BRUSSELS – The European Syriac Union (ESU) Belgium Office held an event at the Bethnahrin Culture Center in commemoration of Syriac Military Council (MFS) fighters martyred during the clashes against the Turkish army and its proxies in North and East Syria and adjacent territories in Tel Tamir and the Khabour area.

Since the Turkish invasion of North and East Syria on 9 October, MFS, as a partner force in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have stood against the forces of the Turkish invasion and have defended the region from the attacks, destruction, and killings. During the Turkish military operations across the region, attempts capture Tel Tamir and the M4 Highway in the Khabour area have been rebuffed. Sporadic clashes have occurred between the Turkish army and its proxies and MFS. During the clashes in which MFS took part actively, 7 fighters were martyred and a number injured.

The ESU event commemorated the MFS martyrs and presented the latest information about the military and humanitarian situation on the ground in North and East Syria. During their speeches, Syriac priests Abuna Hanna Acar and Samuel Özdemir highlighted the notion of martyrdom and its place in Christianity, noting that everyone should embrace and support this cause.

Tony Vergili, Co-Chair of ESU, spoke about the battle of MFS within SDF forces and the importance for the Syriac people and others groups of their project of self-governance (Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria or DAA) and new method of living together:

“During the civil war in Syria, as for all Syrian people, Syriac people have greatly suffered … Syriac people in different parts of Syria have been the target of killings, ransom payments, abductions of well known personalities, and the destruction of churches. With the [DAA] and with the foundation of MFS, we organized our forces to stand in front of any destruction and attacks on our peoples in Northern Syria. And our forces protected the region from the Islamist and jihadist forces since the beginning.”

Following the speeches, Syriac poets Habsuno Malke and Sabro Eliazar read their respective poems for the memory of martyrs. They also highlighted the place of martyrdom and struggle of our people in Bethnahrin.

ESU is organizing regular events, meetings, and gatherings across European countries to inform the public about the situation of Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people in their homeland and provide insights and policies to ensure their protection.