MBC The Voice: Cindy Latty sent home in Semi-Final

Syriac Cindy Latty of Beirut was sent home yesterday by popular vote in the semi-final of the popular Arabic talent show The Voice. Latty was chosen for the team of coach and famous Morrocan singer, Samira Said. Latty performed songs by famous Arabic singers Oum Kalthoum, Dhikra, Nancy Ajram, and Sherine.

A Syriac from Lebanon who grew up in Beirut, Latty sings in Syriac-Aramaic and Arabic. Her Syriac-Orthodox Christian family originates from the city of Midyat, Turkey.

MBC The Voice is a popular talent show broadcast in the Arabic world where candidates are picked and assigned to a coach. The show is in its fifth season and airs every Saturday. The singer with the lowest popular votes is sent home each week. The winner of MBC The Voice will receive a recording contract.

Arab Idol is another famous talent show and also airs on MBC. Yacoub Shaheen (25), a Syriac from Bethlehem, won the contest in 2017. It earned him a recording contract with Platinum Records.