Syriac Cultural Association Delegation Visits Families of Martyrs to Express Gratitude

QAMISHLI — As a part of the Thank You program started in Qamishli, an official delegation from the Syriac Cultural Association visited the homes of martyrs’ families.

The visiting delegation included Mrs. Nora Hanna, Mr. Hanna Sawme, and Mr. Stephen, all members of the Qamishli branch of the Syriac Cultural Association.

During the visits, the delegation wished the families Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and extended appreciation for their sacrifices in the fight against terrorism and for defending their people and land with determination and persistence.

The families of the martyrs thanked the members of the delegation for their visit, expressing their gratitude and appreciation for this initiative. They also thanked the Syriac people in the diaspora for this generous gesture, which expresses their love for their people who remained in the homeland.