Epiphany Celebrated in Qamishli

QAMISHLI – A Holy Mass and feast were held on the occasion of the Epiphany in the Church of the Virgin Mary in Qamishli. The Mass was presided by Father Abd al-Masih and Father Saliba in the presence of a large crowd.

The rituals of the Mass began with hymns and special prayers for the occasion. Father Abd al-Masih delivered a speech in which he spoke about the spiritual meanings of the feast and its importance for Christians. The speech was followed by the raising of the Mass and the believers’ taking of the Eucharist.

It is noteworthy that the Syriac Orthodox Churches celebrates the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist in the Jordan River on 6 January. This feast is called the Epiphany or the feast of Dhna. Epiphany is known around the world as the divine appearance and the coming of the Holy Spirit of Christ as a dove.

During the Epiphany, the baptism process takes place by dipping the child into water three times.