3,286 people abducted in Kobanî, Afrin, and Jazira Regions

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – In two tweets, Mazloum Abdi, General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces stated that there have been 3,286 people forcefully disappeared in the areas of North and East Syria and that a commission has been established to investigate and prosecute the cases. It is unclear over what time-frame the abductions have occurred.

The tweets, originally in Arabic, read:

 “The fight against enforced disappearance is a legal and moral responsibility of all. 3,286 people have been kidnapped from Kobanî, Afrin, and Jazira Regions. 544 people are believed to have been kidnapped by ISIS, 2,368 by the factions of the Syrian National Coalition, and 374 by the security forces of the Syrian Central Government. Additionally, there are 8 missing people in the areas our forces control.

We have assigned a committee to investigate and reveal the fate of the people missing in the areas our forces control. The mission of the committee is to prosecute the people involved in these crimes. The investigations preliminary results will be announced to the public in the near future.”