DAA Reduces Price of Gasoline in North and East Syria

The General Petroleum Department of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in northeastern Syria issued a public circular, addressing all its Petroleum departments and committees in northeastern Syria, to reduce the price of gasoline to 210 Syrian Pound. The decision comes after the price of second-degree gasoline, i.e. lower quality gasoline, increased to the range 250-300 SYP.

Circular No. 3 stipulates the following:

In the public interest, it was decided to reduce the price of gasoline to 210 SYP. “The decision was taken because of the difficult living conditions of the people and the adverse USD-SYP exchange rates”, said Sadiq al-Khalaf, the joint head of the General Petroleum Department in the self-administration of northeastern Syria.

Al-Khalaf emphasized that “Gasoline is fully available in the local market and at gas stations. The seven local civil and self-administrations receive full daily allocations. These allocations are distributed to the people without disruption.”