Kurdish Left Party delegation visits Syriac Union Party office in Qamishli

QAMISHLI – A delegation from the Kurdish Left Party in Syria, headed by the party Secretary-General, Muhammad Musa, visited the Syriac Union Party office in Qamishli. The visiting delegation included Muhammad Saleh Abdo and Saeed Issa, members of the political party office, Adel Batal, member of the party central committee, and Salim Majeed, member of the central information office.

The delegation was received by Sanharib Barsoum, the co-chair of the Syriac Union Party in Syria, Afram Ishaq, member of the party executive authority, and Nora Hanna, member of the party council.

The visiting delegation congratulated the Syriac Union Party on the occasions of Christmas and New Year. The two parties discussed the latest developments in the region, in addition to the difficulties and challenges facing the Self-Administration of North and East Syria. They also emphasized the importance of reaching a political solution for all of Syria and the participation of Self-Administration representatives in the political process of Syria, particularly those taking place under the supervision of the United Nations.

They also discussed the importance of strengthening the Self-Administration, by strengthening internal ties and establishing and maintaining popular public support. The need to prevent external forces from manipulating political and public opinion and creating disputes between the peoples of North and East Syria was also stressed.

At the end of the meeting, the two parties stressed the importance of continuing to hold meetings between them and discussing any developments happening in the region generally and Syria in particular.