General Command of the SDF issues press statement about Turkish air strikes targeting Şengal Resistance Units

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces issued the following statement regarding the Turkish air strike that killed four members of the Şengal Resistance Units on Wednesday:

“On Wednesday, January 15th, the Turkish state targeted with an air attack the Şengal Resistance Units which resulted in the martyrdom of Commander Zaradasht Şengali and three of his companions.

The leader, Zaradasht, was one of the first to take up arms in defense of Şengal in the face of the Islamic States invasion in August 2013.

Zaradasht also participated actively in the battle to liberate the city of Raqqa from ISIS and worked to free many of the kidnapped Yezidi women and children.

The assassination of the martyr Commander Zaradasht and his companions shows that the Turkish state continues the crimes that were issued against the Yezidi people throughout history.

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces extend our deepest condolences to the Şengal Resistance Units and the Yezidi people in general, as well as our condolences to the family of the martyr Zaradasht and the families of his comrades in arms, Hamid, Sharafan, and Yezidi, and we are all confident that the Şengal Resistance Units will complete the path that Zaradasht and his companions began, in defense of Şengal in the face of terrorism in all its forms.”

Funerals for the four men were held on Thursday.