SDF Military Council evaluates current military situation in North and East Syria, reaffirms commitment to the defense of the region’s peoples

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – The Military Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) held a meeting on Wednesday with the majority of its members present. During the meeting, the members discussed the following topics:

    • Current status of the Turkish invasion
    • Evaluation of the quantity and quality of the members’ forces
    • Need for increases in military equipment
    • Need for increases in specialized military training
    • Implementation of the program for the restructuring of the military councils


The meeting also highlighted the dire humanitarian situation in Idlib and Afrin. The General Command of the SDF reaffirmed their commitment to receiving displaced civilians from Idlib and to secure their humanitarian needs through coordination with the SDF units operating in the region.

The Council also discussed the importance of a political solution to the situation in Syria, reaffirming the importance of negotiating with all concerned parties. In this vein, the Council discussed the Sochi agreement, which was made with the guarantee of Russia. The Council reaffirmed their commitment of their forces to implement the agreement, however the Turkish state has made clear it has no such intentions.

Coordination with International Coalition forces to fight ISIS, as well as coordination with the Russian Armed Forces operating in Syria and their deployment in accordance with the Sochi Agreement was discussed.

At the meeting’s conclusion, the Council stressed the ability of the Syrian Democratic Forces to shoulder its responsibilities and its commitment to defend all of the region’s peoples.