SDF spokesperson Kino Gabriel: SDF did not release ISIS prisoners

Syrian Democratic Forces spokesperson Kino Gabriel, in an official SDF statement, denied Russian accusations of the SDF releasing ISIS prisoner.

The SDF statement was issued in a reaction to reports on alleged releases of ISIS terrorists by the SDF. Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, publicly expressed his concerns on the matter.

The SDF statement read, “we in the Syrian Democratic Forces confirm that the reports seen by Mr. Lavrov regarding the release of ISIS terrorists detained by our forces, are inaccurate. We are in close contact with and continuously exchange information in this matter with all relevant countries, including the Russian Federation. And all the terrorists detained, remain in the custody of our forces and we have accurate nominal records.

In spite of the Turkish invasion of our regions, and the threat it posed to the detention centers, and in spite of the continued Turkish state’s violations and attacks that pose a real threat in this regard, we provide adequate and successful protection of the detention centers.

With regard to ISIS prisoners with the Syrian nationality, the Self-Administration deals with them according to international laws and independent judiciaries. Prisoners are subjected to real trials, and anyone who spent his sentenced time in prison is duly released.”