The Foundation for Syriac Martyrs Families completes its visits to the Martyrs Families in al-Hasakah

A joint delegation of members of the Foundation for Syriac Martyrs Families, the Sutoro Management Office, the Office of Internal and External Relations, and the Sutoro Women’s Office completed its series of visits to the martyrs’ families in the city of al-Hasakah.

During the visits, conversations focused on the challenges that our people face in general during these difficult and defining times in Syria. Challenges are many and circumstances are difficult.

Especially the difficult living conditions in light of the insane and deterioration in the USD-Syrian Pound exchange rate in the markets, which burdens the people and increases their suffering.

The families of the martyrs emphasized that all the challenges and difficulties, aim to weaken the morale of our people and undermine their resolve. But they pledged to follow the path of heroism and dignity in which the martyrs walked.

The families thanked the visiting delegation for their initiative and support.