Kurdish Freedom Party in Syria visits Bethnahrin Patriotic Union

Ankawa – A delegation of the Kurdish Freedom Party in Syria visited the Bethnahrin Patriotic Union. The meeting was held at the Bethnahrin Patriotic Union’s office in Ankawa, Erbil.

The president of the Bethnahrin Patriotic Union Youssef Yaqoub Matti received vice-president of the Free Kurdistan Party in Syria, Tariq Xerki and the party’s official in the Kurdish Region in Iraq, Myassar Şexo.

From HBA side, executive board members Hazem Dawud Karrumi (HBA Nineveh Plain official) and Maryam Cimad Alyas (HBA Women) were present.

The two parties discussed the situation in northeastern Syria in light of the Turkish invasion, the crimes by the Turkish-backed radical groups. Furthermore, they promised to deepen the relationship between the two parties as an example of how peoples can work together.