Qamishli Provincial Council holds annual meeting

QAMISHLI – The Qamishli Provincial Council held its annual meeting for 2019 in the Dikran Hall of Culture and Art in the town of Rmelan in the presence of Mr. Avram Ishaq, the Co-Chair of Qamishli Provincial Council and four hundred members from the Qamishli district councils, cities, and towns.

The meeting started with a minute of silence in commemoration of the region’s martyrs. Fawza Yusef, member of the executive branch of the Democratic Society Movement, delivered a speech in which she spoke about the overall political and economic conditions that Syria is going through.

Following Yusef’s speech, the annual report of the Qamishli Provincial Council was read. Detailed reports were read for the Council’s committees: Women, Economy, Health, Municipalities, Justice and Peace, Culture, Social Affairs, Youth and Peace.

A discussion of the problems that hinder the work of the committees followed and ways to overcome them was also discussed. A number of decisions were made that are to be implemented in 2020:

    • Construct and equip new security points.
    • Ensure the proper function of councils and committees.
    • Improve the working mechanism between the district committees and towns.
    • Work to reduce bureaucracy between institutions.
    • Support municipalities with trained technical staff.
    • Provide municipalities with machinery and firefighters, within budget.
    • Increase the quality of schools.


At the conclusion of the meeting, the attendees issued a statement denouncing the Turkish air strikes targeting Şengal.