Video: Turkmen women in Kobanê Region refuse Russian aid, demand they protect the region from Turkish attacks

KOBANÊ – Turkmen women from the village of Hiyale, in Kobanê’s southern Surin district, rejected aid offered by the Russian military police stationed in the area. They also demanded the removal of the Turkish occupation from their areas.

In a video clip posted by Hawar New Agency, Turkmen women are shown refusing the Russian military police assistance and telling them: “We want nothing but the expulsion of Turkish troops from our land,” and stressed that they have everything they need thanks to the Syria Democratic Forces.

However, the women asked the Russian military police to protect the borders from the attacks of the Turkish occupation, which aims to invade the area.

The Turkish occupation army launched its attack on Rish Ayno (Ras al-Ain) and Tel Abyad regions on 9 October 2019, resulting in the displacement of the local population. Those who have chosen to stay have been subjected to theft, extortion, and other crimes at the hands of the Turkish occupation forces.