Anonymous armed attack on protesters in Nasiriyah kills two

NASIRIYAH – An Iraqi security source confirmed on Monday that 2 protesters were killed and 18 wounded in an armed attack by anonymous people against protesters in al-Haboubi Square in Nasiriyah, a city in Iraq’s southern Dhi Qar province.

After their tents were burned by anonymous assailants, the protesters constructed new tents in the square, according to the Iraqi News Agency.

The police office Nasiriyah ordered their forces to defend the protesters, stressing that its forces “are chasing and clashing with the militants.”

Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath both reported sources saying that “Iraqi tribes are heading to al-Haboubi Square in Nasiriyah to protect the demonstrators.”

Two other protesters were killed, on Sunday, in al-Wathba Square near al-Tahrir Square in Baghdad during renewed confrontations with security forces, some medical sources reported.

The High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq announced the killing of 12 demonstrators in the governorate of Baghdad and Dhi Qar, in addition to the injury of more than 220 in the last two days.