General Center for the War Wounded opened in Qamishli

QAMISHLI – Under the slogan “Together to Spread Hope”, the General Center for the War Wounded was opened today in al-Arbawya square in Qamishli. The opening was attended by representatives of political parties, civil institutions and associations, and security forces, in addition to a large number of wounded members of the security forces.

The opening ceremonies started with a moment of silence to commemorate martyrs. Multiple speeches were delivered, including one by Mr. Sanharib Barsoum, the Co-Chair of the Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Syria. In his speech, Barsoum paid respect to the martyrs and wished a quick recovery to the war wounded:

“We are honored to participate in the opening of the General Center for the War Wounded and we wish you prosperity and success in your work of medical care and rehabilitation. Opening this center is a positive step towards re-activating the role of the wounded within our society.

Thanks to the sacrifices of the heroic martyrs, the wounded, and every fighter defending this region. Due to these sacrifices, many achievements have been made, including the establishment of the Democratic Autonomous Administration, the project that embraces all components of the region.

People’s unity is the most powerful weapon in defending the region and defeating terrorism.

Today we face great challenges that require us to unite in order to defend all the achievements and march towards the establishment of a democratic, decentralized, and pluralist Syria.”

The aim of opening the center is to integrate the war wounded back into society and increase their participation in the institutions of the Democratic Autonomous Administration, in addition to providing for their basic needs and improving their health status in appreciation of the sacrifices they have made.