SUROYO FM: First Syriac radio station set to shed light on Syriac issues

QAMISHLI – After months of preparatory work, the first broadcast of SUROYO FM is set to take place on frequency 95.5. The radio station will broadcast a variety of cultural, social, and political programs.

SUROYO FM will be the first radio station in North and East Syria to broadcast in the Syriac language. Trial broadcasts were conducted in November 2019 and managed to capture listeners attention – Syriac, Arab, and Kurd – because of its wide array of programs. SUROYO FM also broadcasts in Arabic.

The station is interested in highlighting issues of the Syriac people and seeks to make their voice heard throughout the world. In addition to broadcasting on 95.5 FM, the station is simultaneously broadcast on its website.

The official launch of SUROYO FM radio will be on Sunday, 2 February at 16:00 (CET), in the broadcasting center on al-Arbawya Square in Qamishli.