Syriac Security Forces participate in the second conference of the Internal Security Forces in North and East Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – The Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria held their second conference in at an undisclosed location in Jazira Region on Sunday. The conference was attended by all components of the Internal Security Forces: Sutoro (Syriac Police Force), Sutoro Women, Asayish (police), Asayish Women, Traffic, Rescue, Anti-Organized Crime, and Public Security Agency.

The purpose of the conference was to discuss the internal governance of the security forces and how to improve the effectiveness of their work. On the participation of Sutoro in this conference, the spokesperson, Mr. Akkad Hanna, stated:

“The work of the Sutoro has been an essential part of the Internal Security Forces. It has the privilege of representing the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people in the [Democratic Autonomous] Administration and within the internal security forces.”

The conference began by observing a minute of silence to commemorate martyrs. The office members were then elected and the annual report of the Internal Security Forces work was read. A draft of the bylaw modification was then read and voted on. The draft was approved by a majority of votes.

The conference ended with reading of the following closing statement”

“Two years ago, in our first conference in the city of Raqqa, we started the process of restructuring the Internal Security Forces, in line with the spirit of the current stage at that time, and we have made practical and serious strides in this field. Today, through this conference, we reaffirmed restructuring and making co-decisions in line with the foundations and ethics of society.

In conclusion, the General Command of the Internal Security Forces presents our thanks and gratitude to everyone who contributed and participated in this event, and we pledge to move forward to prevail in bringing security and peace to our regions.”