World leader’s reaction to Trump’s Israeli-Palestine peace plan

WASHINGTON – The Israel-Palestine peace plan announced by U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday, during a visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has garnered mixed reactions from world leaders.

United Nations

After the announcement of the U.S. plan, a spokesperson for UN Secretary-General António Guterres said in a statement that Secretary-General pledged to help Israel and the Palestinians reach a peace based on the United Nations resolutions, international law, bilateral agreements, and a two-state vision based on the borders before 1967. A statement which seems a rebuke to the U.S. plan.

United Kingdom

In London, a spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said that the peace plan might be a positive step towards resolving the conflict. Johnson’s response came after a telephone conversation between London officials and Mr. Trump, who urged the Palestinians to accept the plan because it holds a promising future, as he said.


The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said in a brief that the only way to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is “a mutually acceptable solution.


Meanwhile, Russia on Tuesday called on Israelis and Palestinians to initiate “direct negotiations” to find a “mutually acceptable settlement” after Donald Trump announced his plan.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov stated that, “Direct negotiations must be initiated to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. We do not know whether the U.S. proposal is acceptable to both parties or not. But we must wait for the reactions of the concerned parties.”

“The important thing is that the Palestinians and the Arabs express their opinions,” he said, adding that Moscow would “study” the U.S. plan.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas confirmed on Tuesday his rejection of the peace plan, saying: “The deal will not pass.”

He also stressed that any future Palestinian State will have Jerusalem as its capital, a response to the peace plan which considers Jerusalem the indivisible capital of Israel.


Similar to the Russian response, Egypt also called on the Palestinians and Israelis to study the peace plan and added that both parties should resume negotiations under American Patronage.

Moreover, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry stated that Egypt appreciates the continuous efforts made by the American administration in order to reach a fair and comprehensive peace for the Palestinian issue. A matter that contributes in supporting stability and security in the Middle East, in addition to ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.