Sanharib Barsoum Press Statement: We hope that Russia and America will strive for a political solution that ends the war in Syria

********** PRESS STATEMENT **********

The military conflicts that we find on the Syrian scene, whether it is in Northeastern Syria or in Northwestern Syria, come within the consensus of great regional states and re-control the influence of the military forces. This is what we saw by allowing Turkey to intervene in the areas of Northeast Syria, specifically in Ras al-Ein and Tal Abyad, and the Turkish army’s control of these areas.

Now we also find that there is consensus on the Russian-led military campaign with the Syrian army, in order to control the areas that were under Turkish occupation and its associated armed factions. These transformations and wars that are taking place are not in the interest of the Syrian people.

In addition, we find that the Turkish threats are still continuing, and the military clashes that are taking place in the rural areas of Tel Tamr suburbs are also continuing, and this requires the great powers present in the region, such as Russia and America, to work for peace, to stop Turkish threats, and to prevent any new Turkish aggression on these areas.

However, what we find is that the influence of this region is distributed that there are clashes between these two powers on the main roads, and that stems from the desire of each country to establishes itself and expand its influence.

We wish from the international community and the United Nations, especially Russia and America, to work hard to find a political solution that ends these conflicts and wars on Syrian soil. We also wish to reach a Syrian-Syrian dialogue, consensus, and orientation towards a new constitution and new elections.


Sanharib Barsoum

Co-Chair of the Syriac Union Party in Syria