Syriac Military Council thwarts infiltration attempt by Turkish occupation forces in Umm al-Khair village

TEL TAMR – SyriacPress correspondents in the villages of Tel Tamr have reported that there have been several violations by the Turkish occupation and its factions near Qasimiya, Rehaniya, Rashidiya, and Umm al-Keif in the Khabour River Valley. The villages along the Tel Tamr front have been as repeatedly targeted with mortars and artillery fire during the past week.

Our correspondents added that the Syriac Military Council (MFS) forces responded to several infiltration attempts by the Turkish occupation forces on the Lailan Umm al-Khair axis and were able to inflict heavy losses during the attack. Moreover, no casualties were sustained in the ranks of the MFS.

It has been reported that during the past week, in conjunction with the intense bombing of Umm al-Keif and Umm al-Khair villages, the Turkish occupation forces have violated the ceasefire over 15 times on the Tel Tamr front.