Inaugural broadcast of SuroyoFM radio station

QAMISHLI, Syria – SuroyoFM aired its official inaugural broadcast on Sunday from their station office in Qamishli’s al-Arbawya quarter. The station will now broadcast full-time after three months of experimental programming in Syriac and Arabic.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by priests, representatives of social and civil institutions, a delegation from Beth Nahrin National Council, and the media.

Several speeches were delivered to mark the occasion, including a speech by the Co-Chairs of SuroyoFM, Mr. Samir Hanna and Mrs. Maria Hanna, delivered in Arabic and Syriac respectively.

“We hope that we will be at the forefront of the media to convey everything that is in the interest of our people and the rest of the regions peoples. We believe that you (the listeners) will be the great, fundamental, and solid base that will support our way. We will do our best to be the true mirror that reflects all the opinions and requests of our people in the homeland and abroad, through our varied programs.”

Mr. Robel Baho, a Syriac media official delivered a statement in Syriac:

“The media represents the fourth authority and has a great impact on societies. It spreads awareness, educates people. Thus, great preparations have been taken to achieve this dream since last year. Finally, we have achieved our dream and reached the moment of inaugurating the SuroyoFM radio station, which is the Assyria-Chaldean-Syriac people’s voice in the homeland.”

Many telegrams of Syriac institutions in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq and the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAA) institutions were read. A musical segment followed, presented by the musicians Harot Madirjian and Tommy Chamoun.

A ceremonial ribbon was cut by Mariam Talia, sister of the martyr Basil Talia. Attendees then took a tour of the radio center.

Security for the event was provided by the Sutoro (Syriac police forces).

The radio broadcasts political, social, cultural, and news programs in both Syriac and Arabic.

SuroyoFM is the first ever radio station to focus on the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian issues full-time. It broadcasts on 95.5 FM from Qamishli, Syria and online at suroyofm.com.