SDC Presidential Council reaffirms necessity of political solution to Syria crisis

DARBASIYAH, Syria – During its regular meeting, held today in Darbasiyah, the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) discussed the political crisis in Syria and the effects of regional developments on the future of the political process in Syria.

At the beginning of the meeting, Amina Omar, Co-Chair of the Council, discussed the political developments and the position of the SDC on various issues that concern Syria and the region.

Gabriel Chamoun, Deputy Co-Chair of the Council, affirmed in a statement that he will continue to work according to the national principles that are interpreted by the Syrian-Syrian dialogue track, to build national consensus in order to pave the way for resolving the crisis. The dangers and challenges to the stability of the region were also discussed. Chamoun specifically pointed to the Turkish invasion of North and East Syria and its attempts to sow unrest between the regions peoples as being a major threat to stability.

The economic crisis that is ravaging the country, worsening day by day due to the deterioration of the Syrian currency, was also discussed. The Council stressed the need to find effective mechanisms to prevent the aggravation of the situation.

The Council renewed, through Gabriel Chamoun, calling on all Syrian parties to give primacy to dialogue and negotiation, on a national basis and according to UN resolutions, which define the form of the democratic change processes.

According to members of the Council, to facilitate a national dialogue, the SDC continues to hold and organize dialogue workshops that pave the way for a General National Conference.