Manbij Military Council calls for citizens to return to their homes, despite repeated Turkish attacks

MANBIJ, Syria – The Manbij Military Council (MMC) released a statement on Monday calling on the displaced people from Manbij who are currently staying in Turkish-occupied areas to return to their homes.

According to the statement, the MMC decided during a meeting held on 25 January to call on the displaced people of Manbij who are currently staying in the Turkish occupied ‘Euphrates Shield’ areas to return to their hometown. The MMC stated that conditions for the return would be provided.

The statement ended with the following message;

“The armed elements in the Euphrates Shield region who want to return to civilian life will be guaranteed this right. Anyone who would want to join the Manbij Military Council and defend the people is welcome.”

However, today, the Turkish occupation forces launched an attempted attack of Manbij but were repulsed by the MMC and Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units stationed in the area. According to reports, four members of the Turkish occupation forces and one SAA fighter were killed.