Fuel Directorate of North and East Syria to issue special card for household diesel, implements ban on unlicensed roadside fuel

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – The Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAA) Department of Fuel held its monthly meeting yesterday in the presence of the Co-Presidency of the Executive Council and the Fuels Directorate Heads in the civil and autonomous administrations.

During the meeting, each local directorate submitted its monthly report on the work carried out during January 2020.

During the meeting, it was decided that a unified heating card for each family in North and East Syria should be issued for the next season to better organize the process of distributing diesel. The cards will be distributed in March.

The Directorate also moved to implement Decision No. 4 issued by the Executive Council of the DAA which bans the sale of fuel at unlicensed roadside stalls. Decision No. 4 was issued by the Executive Council on 16 January 2020 with a deadline of 15 days for implementation. The Fuel Directorate will implement the ban starting today.

Also decided at the meeting was the establishment of a unified system for licensing diesel stations in the areas of the DAA, in addition to the installation of surveillance cameras at all fuel stations.