SDF Media Center: Turkish occupation forces continue to violate ceasefire

The Syrian Democratic Forces Media Center released a press statement on Thursday concerning the continued ceasefire violations of the Turkish occupation forces.

********** PRESS STATEMENT **********

The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist mercenaries continue their attacks and violations on the north and east of Syria.

In Tal Abyad/Gri Spi area, the occupation army and its terrorist mercenaries attacked, on 29 January, with heavy weapons the international road which resulted in wounding a civilian.

In Ain Issa area, on 3rd February, they attacked our fighters’ points in Khirbet Karam village that led to fierce fighting and clashes resulted in killing five mercenaries, destroying a vehicle and seizing a large number of ammunitions.

On the third day of this month, they bombed points near Ain Issa camp, and two of our forces were martyred due to this aggression. The next day, on 4th February, they resumed shelling across Ain Issa area using heavy weapons resulting in injuring fighters from our forces on the front lines

Tal Tamer Area, and just like its sisters in the northern areas, was not spared from the continuous shelling, as the army of occupation moved military units on the third of this month to the villages of Debsa, Bakra, Ameriya and Tal al-Shahid Delshir, as well as brought a large number of heavy weapons to those villages we mentioned.


SDF Media Center

5 February 2020