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Academy of Syriac and Turkoman languages proposed

ERBIL, Iraq – On Tuesday, a discussion session was held in the Academic Social Center in Ankawa, Erbil, to discuss the establishment of an academic institution for the Syriac and Turkoman languages similar to the Kurdish Academy currently in Kurdistan Region, Iraq. During the session, the participants agreed to form a committee to follow up on the practical procedures necessary to establish the academy. Moreover, a bylaw and a draft project plan were prepared to be presented to Kurdistan Regional Parliament and the Council of Ministers for approval.

The session was attended by Aiden Maarouf, Minister of Components Affairs, Syriac Language Specialists, and Representatives of a number of civil society organizations.

Minister Maarouf spoke about the necessity of the joint work between the Intellectuals and specialists of the two languages and the representatives of civil society organizations to strengthen the work of establishing the linguistic academy. He also confirmed that he would hold a similar meeting with Turkmen representatives to unify opinions and ideas and present a joint project.

Mr. Rund Paulus, Head of the Syriac Writers Union, revealed that a draft proposal for establishing a Syriac Language Academy has been submitted for several years to the Council of Ministers and Parliament in Erbil. He also revealed that everything is arranged and ready to be resubmitted to the Legal Committee of Parliament for approval, with the support of our Syriac and Turkmen representatives.

The attendees stressed the necessity of following up the meeting with practical steps and forming a committee for this purpose. They also discussed preparing for the joint work program to be launched on the occasion of International Mother Language Day.

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