Syriac Cross hands out medicines and hygiene kits in the Gozarto region

Gozarto, Bethahrin – Syriac Humanitarian aid organization Syriac Cross provided a new round of humanitarian aid in the form of medicines and hygiene supplies in the Gozarto region of Bethnahrin (Mesopotamia).

Access to humanitarian aid has become a necessity in the Gozarto – al-Jazeera canton of the Democratic Autonomous Administration – as living conditions have deteriorated since the Turkish invasion into Syria’s northeastern region, the closing of border crossings, the deteriorating economic situation and the intensivation of the fight for Idlib.

Syriac Cross country coordinator Malik Hanna on the latest aid activities;

“Syriac Cross is present in the Gozarto since 2013. We provide aid to the region and to the Syriac and Armenian population.” And

“Although we had difficulties getting the supplies into the region, thanks to our partners and sponsors we are able to continue providing aid. We are grateful to all those who have contributed and those who helped us get it here to the needy.”

Syriac Cross is established in Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland and the US. It raises funds and collects supplies for countries with Syriac presence – Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Donations to Syriac Cross mostly come from Syriac people – Chaldeans, Arameans, Assyrians – in the diaspora and donators as the Shai Fund, Stichting Ismael, Caritas Slovakia, European companies and social and cultural associations.