SDC Press Statement: Brussels workshop concluded, preparatory committee for the Democratic Opposition Conference elected

BRUSSELS – On Sunday, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) issued a press statement about a workshop held in Brussels to discuss preparation for a “Democratic Opposition Conference”. The statement explained what was discussed in the workshop and announced the election of a 10-member preparatory committee for the Democratic Opposition Conference.

********** PRESS STATEMENT **********

Under the slogan “Together to Build a Syrian Correspondence “, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) completed the conferences and dialogue sessions that it held inside Syria and in Europe by holding Brussels workshop. The aim of the workshop was forming a preparatory committee for the Democratic Opposition Conference, to build a wide democratic society.

Constituting a political representation for the democratic forces, requires the Preparatory Committee to invite all the democrats, individuals and groups. It also requires bringing them together, establishing a joint vision, and calling for a democratic opposition conference in order to form a force that can contribute to the political solution in Syria, and confronts extremism and militancy.

Participants also agreed that the preparatory committee should choose a coordinator and meet later to write an internal regulation of its work and activities. It also needs to specify certain periods to accomplish its tasks, such as preparing the necessary documents and communicating with democratic forces and personalities. In addition to sending the invitations, determining the invitees, and determining the location and time of the conference.

The Preparatory Committee has the right to choose the people they find appropriate, and Brussels workshop participants are considered a reference for the Preparatory Committee.

By secret voting, ten people were elected as members of the Preparatory Committee. More seven members are needed to complete the Committee. The seven members will be chosen from the Syrian-Syrian Dialogue conferences that took place in the Syrian interior.


Syrian Democratic Council

9 February 2020