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International Coalition reveals circumstances of Khirbet Amo incident

QAMISHLI, Syria – The official spokesperson for Operation Inherent Resolve, also known as the the International Coalition, revealed the circumstances of the incident in the village of Khirbet Amo where a U.S. patrol exchanged fire with members of the National Defense Forces (NDF), a pro-regime militia. The spokesperson for the International Coalition, Col. Myles B. Caggins III, clarified certain element of the incident but said an investigation is still underway.

Col. Caggins said that a U.S. forces patrol was stopped at a checkpoint occupied by the NDF, who refused its passage.

A number of supporters of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) gathered near the checkpoint.

Several reports of the situation detail that at one point, a member of the NDF climbed onto an America vehicle in an attempt to affix a Syrian flag on it.

Col. Caggins said that after a series of warnings and attempts to calm the situation, the U.S. patrol came under small arms fire from unknown people. The patrol responded to the sources of fire.

According to local sources from the village, the incident caused the death of one person and injuring another village resident. It is still unclear of the person killed was a member of the NDF.

Official accounts of the Syrian State Radio and Television Public Authority also transmitted a video record showing people in military uniforms opening fire on the American patrol as it entered the village.

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