Power outages in Jazira Region of North and East Syria due to malfunction in Euphrates Dam

QAMISHLI, Syria – Yesterday, the Office of Energy and Communications of Jazira Region noted that, due to a technical fault in the Euphrates Dam, there is a separation in the power line that connects the Euphrates Dam and Jazira Region and electricity will remain cut off until the repair.

The Bureau issued a circular that read:

“Notice to those who are subscribers in Jazira Region, due to a technical failure in the Euphrates Dam, the power line connecting the dam to Hasakah was separated at 13:30. Thus, we are feeding all stations from the Swediah generation facility to feed water lines and mills only, until the return of the line to service.”

The electricity situation in Jazira Region has significantly improved since 2019 after the liberation of the Euphrates Dam from the Islamic State.