U.S. Congress restricts Trump’s war powers

WASHINGTON – On Thursday, the U.S. Senate voted in favor of a bill limiting the powers of U.S. President Donald Trump to launch military operations outside the country without congressional approval. The bill passed the Senate with a 55 – 45 vote.

The bill calls on “the American president to stop all hostilities against Iran, unless Congress authorizes him to declare war or by a specific mandate to use military force.”

According to the bill, the U.S. President would not be able to launch any military operation without Congress declaring war or adopting special legislation that would allow a military operation.

Expectations indicate that the U.S. President will use his veto power to strike down the bill.

Trump had called on the Senate to vote down the bill, commenting that Congressional approval would send a “bad signal to Iran” and the bill was just an attempt by Democrats to embarrass the Republican Party.