Antiquities smugglers arrested in Qamishli with “Bible written in Hebrew”

QAMISHLI, Syria – The Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria arrested a network of antiquities smugglers in the city of Qamishli yesterday.

The Organized Crime Office of the ISF was alerted to the presence of the smuggling ring by several sources. The ISF moved immediately on the information and arrested six people at their homes in Qamishli.

One of the smugglers had three religious texts, one of which was “a Bible written in Hebrew”. The individuals arrested confessed that they were buying, selling, and smuggling antiquities, an official at the Organized Crime Office reported.

The Organized Crime Office was also able to arrest another smuggler of antiquities in Qamishli. The arrested individual had 15 antiques, including a seal, four metal objects, and two fake quicksilver tools.

All the detainees were transferred to the Prosecution and Investigation Committee.