Russia and Turkey fail to reach agreement on Idlib

MOSCOW – Yesterday, Russian and Turkish foreign ministers met in Moscow to resolve the dispute between the two countries over Idlib. The meeting ended without reaching an agreement, as Turkey failed to persuade the Russians to stop supporting the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Turkey failed to persuade Russia to put pressure on the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and withdraw from Idlib, where he began military operations to retake it from Turkish-backed factions.

The ongoing dispute over the fate of Idlib raises questions about whether Russian-Turkish cooperation regarding Syria will continue or not.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Moscow and Ankara confirmed their commitment to the current agreements related to Idlib, aimed at reducing tension in the region.

However, Moscow accuses Ankara of not fulfilling its agreements regarding the nine-year-long war in Syria. In addition, Russia accuses Turkey of failing to rein in the militants in Idlib who launch attacks on the Syrian and Russian forces.

Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesperson for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, stated to reporters in Ankara that, “At the present time, a satisfactory result of the negotiations has not been reached.”

He also added that Turkey would send more troops to the Idlib region and would respond to any attack by the SAA there, despite the continuation of the Ankara-Moscow dialogue.