Humanitarian organizations have not been spared from the ongoing war in Syria

DARAA, Syria – International humanitarian aid organization Oxfam said in a statement on Wednesday that several of their staff were attacked in the areas of Nawa and Yadouda in the western countryside of Daraa, Syria. A car carrying an Oxfam team was exposed to gunfire by unknown armed groups.

The attack resulted in the killing of two members of the Oxfam team, Safety Officer Wissam Hazeem and the driver, Adel al-Halabi. A volunteer was also injured in the attack.

Oxfam mourned the loss of the two employees and called on all parties to the conflict in Syria to ensure the safety of humanitarian personnel.

Syrian state news agency SANA quoted a source at the Daraa National Hospital who said, “The attack took place while the team went to the city Nawa to carry out the task of detecting its schools.”

Oxfam currently comprises 17 charities active in more than 90 countries with the aim of reducing poverty and inequality. In Syria, Oxfam coordinates its work with the Syrian Red Crescent.