Turkish bombardment knocks out Tal Tamr power again; reports of clashes at positions along the front

TAL TAMR, Syria – Yesterday, Turkish occupation forces carried out an intense artillery bombardment targeting the villages of Arisha and Timar (Umm al-Keif), northeast of the town of Tel Tamr.

The bombardment caused the interruption of electricity in the town of Tel Tamr after the Turkish shelling damaged the high-tension power lines that run through Timar.

This is the second time this month the power lines in Timar have been damaged by shelling. On 5 February, the lines were damaged during an intense Turkish artillery bombardment that preceded an attack by the Syrian National Army (SNA), a collection of militias, including several espousing Islamist ideologies, formed and funded by Turkey.

The power lines were eventually repaired, under Russian protection, on 8 February.

The Syriac Military Council (MFS) commander in Tel Tamr, Khabour Akkad, commented on the damage to the power lines, saying that, “The Turkish factions, yesterday, bombed Timar village in the Tel Tamr countryside, which led to electrical power outages due to the fall of the shrapnel from the artillery on electricity cables in the village, which also led to the ignition of a fire in the electrical power station.”

“The Syriac Military Council forces were prepared in anticipation of any attack or infiltration belonging to Turkey,” said Akkad. A general alert was issued until the bombing stopped, in case of an infiltration attempt.

“The villages of Tel Tamr are witnessing intensive bomb shelling almost daily,” continued Akkad, “but yesterday was very violent.”

Tonight, there have been reported hours long clashes along the Tal Tamr frontline.