Syriac Maronite Union: The Syriac language is still alive in Lebanon

Zalka, Beirut – On the occassion of International Mother Language Day, the Tur Levnon Syriac Maronite Union of Lebanon stressed the importance of the Syriac language for Maronites and for Lebanon. In an interview on Lebanese tv channel MTV, chairman of the Tur Levnon Syriac Maronite Union Amin Iskandar elaborated on their current efforts in preserving, teaching and spreading Syriac in Lebanon but emphasized more effort is needed to preserve it from extinction as it represents Maronite identity and heritage. Syriac is the indigenous and original language of Lebanon and it constitutes the motive for Maronite adherence to their homeland.

Chairman Iskandar said: “We cannot forget the Syriac language as it is the original language of Lebanon. It is the language that we inherited from our ancestors and it is the language that defined our identity.” He also gave examples of vocabulary used in society. Words which origin go back to the Syriac language: “It is this language that motivated us to hold on to our homeland Lebanon. We have dedicated our lives to preserving and spreading this language.”

Syriac teaching class. Image MTV

Jihad Merheb, teacher of the Syriac language at the Friends of the Syriac Language association, spoke in the MTV report also about the importance of transferring the language to future generations in order to preserve it from extinction as it represents Lebanon’s heritage.

It should be noted that Lebanon has awakened in the past few years to the importance of the Syriac language, as the Maronites are part of the Syriac people, and they contribute greatly to supporting, developing and spreading the Syriac language.