Shelling between Turkish occupation and Syrian army around Tel Abyad and Ayn Issa, both sides reinforce positions

AYN ISSA, Syria – Turkish occupation forces (TOF) sporadically shelled several villages in the western countryside of Tel Abyad on Sunday. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) responded by shelling TOF positions north of the town of Ayn Issa, north of Raqqa.

Violent confrontations continue between the SAA and TOF along the Tel Abyad / Ayn Issa frontline, with heavy artillery exchanges occurring between the two.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that Turkish forces brought a convoy of military vehicles and soldiers to the silos of Shirkarak, while SAA reinforcements arrived at the village of Saba Jafar in the Ayn Issa countryside, including a convoy of 120 vehicles including 10 of tanks.