Syriac Cross visits the villages on the borders in northeastern Syria

Syriac Cross, a humanitarian aid non-profit operating throughout Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia), in cooperation with humanitarian aid organization the Free Burma Rangers, visited villages in northeastern Syria along the border with Turkey, to assess the needs of the people in those villages.

A relief and development coordinator with the Syriac Cross, Mr. Malik Hanna, spoke to SuroyoTV about the assessment visits. “Over the past two days, we have finished rounds with the Free Burma Rangers, we have previously worked with them, visiting the villages on the border, between Qabre Hewore [al-Qahtaniyah] and Dayrik [al-Malikiya].”

Hanna continued, “We have already made several visits to the villages of the border … the main objective of the visits is to know the standard of living and health status of the people in these villages, as well as to consider their status during the Turkish attack, the difficulties faced by its people, fears of other Turkish attacks, and computing the number of families that had previously been there and how many of them are left.”