North and East Syria border crossings take measures for prevention of Coronavirus introduction

DAYRIK (AL-MALIKIYAH), Syria – As COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, continues to spread through the Middle East, including four reported cases in Kirkuk, Iraq, the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAA) are taking steps to help reduce the risk of transmission to the territory it governs.

The Internal Security Forces in coordination with the Health Authority of the DAA initiated preventative measures to detect potential cases of coronavirus infections.

Director of External Relations at the Semalka border crossing Baz Ahmed, said that the Health Authority visited the crossing and provided special equipment and supplies to increase the capacity of border officials to detect those infected with coronavirus entering North and East Syria, according to Hawar News Agency.

Ahmed also stressed that the crossing administration began to take necessary preventive measures such as testing the body temperature of people traveling from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

He added that these measures are now taken in all of the border crossings under DAA authority.

Dr. Joan Mustafa, the Co-Chair of the Health Authority, said that several measures have been taken in order to maintain the security and safety of citizens in DAA areas.

An awareness campaign was launched in Euphrates Region explaining methods of prevention and symptoms of infection.

The hospitals and health centers operating in the areas of DAA have not announced any cases of coronavirus.

After China, where the virus originated, Iran has registered the second most deaths related to coronavirus and has become the focal point of infection in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, China recorded positive indicators which give hope to the possibility of containing the virus.

The General Director of the World Health Organization expressed trust in the organization’s ability to contain the virus and said that it is unlikely to rise to the status of global pandemic.

He added that there are positive indications from China, according to a study published in the Journal of the Chinese Epidemiology, which included more than 44,000 cases of confirmed infection in parts of China with more than 80% of classified as simple cases.

The Syrian Ministry of Health has also reported no cases of coronavirus.