Bethnahrain Patriotic Union and Karamlesh municipality meet on Nineveh Plain Developments

Ankawa, Erbil – The Bethnahrain Patriotic Union received a delegation from the Nineveh Plain municipality council of Karamlesh. The delegation included the municipal council’s deputy Mr. Tamer Eshoua and member of the Karamlesh administrative bureau Mr. Stephen Matti Toma. The delegation was received by Beth Nahrin Patriotic Union’s president Yusuf Yaqoub Matti.

At the latter’s office in Ankawa, the two sides discussed the latest political developments in Iraq, the situation of the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people in the Nineveh Plain, the challenges and existential threats Chaldeans-Syriacs-Assyrians face in the Nineveh Plain and the recent developments regarding the constitutional and voting rights. The two parties agreed to consolidate the good working relationship between them.

The head of the Bethnahrain Patriotic Union Yusuf Yaqoub Matti also met Sheikh Abdul Latif Kali, the KRGs representative for Arbil and Kirkuk. Mr. Yaqoub Matti was accompanied by activist Abdel Qader Al-Badah.

In the friendly visit by the Beth Nahrain Patriotic Union to Sheikh Abd al-Latif Kali, matters of national reconciliation and social justice were discussed. And ways to achieve transitional justice in Iraq for the purpose of building an acceptable and reformist inclusive government and rebuilding the Iraqi state.

The proposals by the leader of the Bethnahrain Patriotic Union were much welcomed by Sheik Abdul Latif who in turn thanked the Sheik for his open mindedness and hospitality.