Work on Ornina roundabout starts in Qamishli

In cooperation with Syriac institutions and with the approval of the city municipality, work has begun to construct a roundabout which will be named “Ornina” in al-Gharbia neighborhood in Qamishli.

The roundabout is constructed with the financial support of Dr. Abrohom Lahdo, of Wiesbaden, Germany, in commemoration of his deceased wife. Former Qamishli resident Dr. Abrohom Lahdo’s donation covers expenses of this project which will add an artistic scene to the city.

The roundabout will contain internal and external water lakes and in the centre a statue of “Ornina”, the goddess of music and song, and symbol of Syrian Syriac art. The necessary project layout and plans which were drawn up by the architects have been approved.

Work on the roundabout started this week and is expected to be ready within four months. The project expenses were estimated at 50-60 million Syrian pounds.

“Ornina Roundabout” project is considered important since it represents an authentic Syriac national symbol, and will add an artistic spot the neighborhood and the entire city.

The Qamishli municipality will begin rehabilitation work to most of the roundabouts in Qamishli, pending available resources, in the next weeks.