Caggins: We will continue to work with the SDF until we completely eliminate ISIS

RMELAN, Syria –  The spokesperson for the International Coalition to Defeat Daesh, Col. Myles B. Caggins III, and Media Director of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Mustafa Bali, held a press conference at the U.S. Forces base in the town of Rmelan, between Tel Tamr and Hasakah in northeastern Syria.

Caggins praised the SDF’s sacrifices in combating terrorism, indicating that they have been made on behalf of the world and will not forgotten.

Caggins also reaffirmed the U.S.’s partnership with the SDF, stating that they would remain partners until the Islamic State (ISIS) was completely destroyed and the establishment of stability, security, and peace in the region was complete.

Without the SDF and their resistance and continued struggle, he added, victory would not be achievable.

The press conference was held to mark the anniversary of the announcement that ISIS had been defeat in Baghuz, their last remain territory. On 23 March 2019, the official announcement of the defeat of ISIS was made by the Syrian Democratic Forces during a press conference held in Al-Omar oil field, in Deir ez-Zor.