TURKEY: Third mayor in three months for Syriac village Arkah in Tur Abdin

ARKAH, Tur Abdin (southeast Turkey) – Mr. Afram Dik (AKP) has been appointed as the new mayor of Arkah, a Syriac village in the Tur Abdin region of Beth Nahrin (Mardin Province in Turkey). Mayor Dik is the successor to the former mayor Yusuf Yar (AKP), who was stripped of his official powers by the Turkish authorities last week. Yar, who was elected by the people as the village mayor, was arrested by the Turkish authorities in February after the government alleged that he was linked to a terrorist organization (the Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK).

After several days in police custody, Yar was released from Mardin prison on bail while waiting for his appeal to be considered. However, despite not being convicted of a crime, Turkish authorities dismissed him from his position as mayor.

After Turkish authorities informed Yar his dismissal, First Deputy Mayor of Arkah Sabri Altay was advanced to the position. Altay later relinquished his administrative position to Second Deputy Mayor Afram Dik.