Damascus: Football activities suspended over Coronavirus

Damascus – Due to the worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus, Asian and international sports federations issued a circular in which spherical activities were suspended. On Monday, the Syrian Football and Basketball Associations adopted this policy and postponed all local matches and championships from the 10th of March to the 15th of April 2020.

Also, the Syrian Minister of Health confirmed that no Coronavirus infection case has been recorded in Syria so far.

On the same matter, the Director General of the General Civil Aviation Organization, Basim Mansour, announced the installation of a thermal scanning device at Damascus International Airport to inspect passengers travelling through the airport.

In an earlier decision, the Syrian Council of Ministers decided to suspend visits and trips to Iraq, Jordan and Iran for individuals and (religious) groups for a month with a two months suspension for the countries that already declared a higher state of Coronavirus infections. The Council of Ministers decided to conduct a preventive quarantine of 14 days for arrivals out of these countries to ensure health safety.