IRAQ: Twenty-five ISIS members killed. Two U.S. soldiers killed in clashes with the enemy forces

Iraq – Twenty-five ISIS members and two US soldiers were killed in clashes in Iraq on Sunday during a military operation against ISIS cell hideouts in northern Iraq. The US-led the Coalition to Defeat Daesh (ISIS) said in a statement on Monday that two U.S. Marine Corps Raiders were killed by hostile ISIS forces during a mission to eliminate an ISIS stronghold in a mountainous area. The two U.S. soldiers were killed while escorting Iraqi security forces. The US-led the Coalition to Defeat Daesh (ISIS) is called Operation Inherent Resolve.

In a separate statement, the Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced that the anti-terrorist Command had carried out a military operation against ISIS members in al-Khanuka area of the Hamrin Mountains. The statement said that anti-terrorism forces in coordination with international coalition air fighters, carried out successive air strikes in the area of the Qarajough Mountains south of Makhmour district. The fight between the anti-terrorist Command and the ISIS members resulted in the death of 25 ISIS members and the destruction of nine tunnels as well as a training camp.