SYRIA: Siham Quryo to SyriacPress: Syriac women will continue defending the rights of women and the Syriac people

Gozarto – International Women’s Day is a result of decades of women’s struggle against injustice, poverty, persecution, inequality and the excesses of the capitalist system in all its forms. A Copenhagen conference of 17 European countries, proposed by Clara Zetkin, in which 100 women participated, decided to celebrate International Women’s Day annually on 8 March. Celebrating this Day started on 8 March 1911.

On the occassion of International Women’s Day, Siham Quryo, representative of the Syriac Women’s Union in Syria talked to SyriacPress:

“We celebrate International Women’s Day from the 1st to 8th of March. A preparatory committee held joint women celebrations with representatives from all women’s organizations and councils in the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA). The celebrations included reading statements, sit-ins and forums to discuss the situation of Syrian women.

We also had our own celebrations as Syriac women, in which we read a special statement on this occasion in the city of Hasaka. In the statement we send our regards in the name of the Syriac Women’s Union to women all over the world, Syrian women in general, and Syriac women in particular. Next week, we will hold a lecture about women, their sufferings and their achievements.”

Quryo continued,

“The Syriac woman participate in various fields, capacities and at different political, social, economic and military levels. Furthermore, the Syriac woman has taken up prominent roles in all the executive and legislative bodies of the DAA in North and East Syria.

In the name of the Syriac Women’s Union, I congratulate all the Syriac women and invite them to join the Syriac Women’s Union. I also congratulate the women who went through difficult circumstances during the years of the war in Syria. And I also send my congratulations to all the women who were exposed to various types of violence and I wish the war in Syria to end soon.”

Quryo concluded,

“I confirm that we, as Syriac women, will continue our struggle to defend our rights and those of the Syriac people.”