Turkish film “Kapı” about Syriacs in cinemas for Syriac diaspora

Culture – The 2019 Turkish film „Kapı” tells the story of a Syriac family in the diaspora in search of a lost child, a lost past, memories, pride and aspirations. It is a film with a message. The film Kapı, Turkish for “Door”, was directed by Nihat Durak and features renowned Turkish actors Kadır Inanir (Yakup), Vahide Perçin (Şemsa) and Timur Acar (Remzi).

The elderly Syriac couple Yakup and Şemsa live in Berlin where they raised their three children who now have families of their own. Twenty-five years ago Yakup and Semsa migrated from the then majority-Syriac town of Midyat, Mardin province, to Berlin. On an ordinary day, the phone rings. News from Mardin about their lost son Michael.
Without hesitation or losing time, Yakup and Şemsa (Syriac: “Sun”) decide to travel to Mardin with their grandson. Arriving in their village, they find the village almost abandoned and the Door of their family house removed. It is the beginning of a zealous search for the “Door”, a journey which represents a family journey but also an personal search for every individual family member.

Famous actor Kadir Inanir has received criticism from Turkish nationalists and government officials for his firm political statements and opinions on controversial topics in contemporary Turkish society.

To bring the film more under the attention of Syriacs in the diaspora several Syriac organizations have taken the initiative to show the film in cinemas across cities in Europe with a large Syriac presence.

The film will be shown in Södertälje, Sweden, on 15th March at 5 p.m. The European Syriac Union and the Föderation Suryoye Deutschland a.o. will picture the film in several cinemas in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the Netherlands (pending measures because of the Coronovirus).

The film is in Turkish with English or German subtitles.